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Earthquakes don't kill people

buildings do Let me see how

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"Earthquakes don't kill people — buildings do." Seismic Design and Retrofits.

We are currently not taking requests for new projects. Please read terms below and feel free to use the links for information only.

Santa Barbara Mission After Earthquake
Most people prioritize cost and aesthetics over true seismic-proof design, but earthquake-resistant construction is almost 100% possible while maintaining pleasant style and practicability. We are conducting research into this.

Also, Santa Barbara, Oakland, San Diego and other California communities are overdue for serious earthquakes, while tha government is busy building bulbouts and other obstructions. Meanwhile, you can check US faults and the latest reported quakes, recent quakes in California.

And if you want to check it out, an san-andreas-fault-map Interactive Map of the San Andreas Fault

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